Pre-entered registrants must check in with registration personnel to sign all the waivers and receive their wristbands etc. Safety inspection will also be open at this time. Riders must pass safety inspection with their motorcycle after they have signed in and prior to track entry.


This meeting will take place on pit lane and is intended to inform all participants of last minute changes to the day’s events or any important weather updates. The riders meeting will also include an overview of our flagging system which will be used for the day’s events. The flagging system is crucial everyone's safety whilst on and off the race track. Attendance to this meeting is absolutely mandatory. If you miss this meeting you can count on missing your track day. Again we take safety very seriously!


Sessions will be approximately 15 minutes long. We will begin with the RED group. Grouping of riders will be done during registration. The GREEN group’s first session of the day will include the presence of a Champion Cycle appointed coach. Champion Cycle reserves the right to make changes to any rider’s chosen group at any time in-order to assign him or her a more suitable group. Please see group definitions in the (TRACK DAY RIDERS GROUPING) section.



The racetrack re-opens for the afternoons events. We will begin with the group that was next from the mornings sessions. Some miscellaneous changes may occur to sessions based on the days events or in the event of an unfortunate incident on the track. Champion Cycle reserves the right to make these changes accordingly and at our sole discretion. We will always due our best to ensure that everyone gets as much track time as possible. In the event there is a serious crash or other unfortunate event and a track day is ended early no refund will be granted. simple common sense applies to this.


The track day has ended and the circuit will be closed to all riders.

For any questions or concerns feel free to contact Champion Cycle  by email or telephone any time.



  • Champion Cycle Inc. Track days are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • All prices listed are subject to 13% HST.
  • All prices shown are for Early entry purposes only.
  • Payment must be made in full at time of registration.
  • Space is limited so early registration is recommended.
  • Early entry closes one week prior to any track day.
  • A $30 fee will be added after Early entry closes up to 48 hours prior to the track day.
  • A $40 fee will be added to any bookings less than 48 hours before the track day as well as any track side registrations.
  • Any registrations received less than 5 business days prior to the track day will be considered track side registrations.
  • Cancellation requests must be received in writing by mail or emailed to at least 10 business days prior to the track day you wish to cancel.
  • We ask you to request a "read report" with any cancellation emails sent to to ensure no trust issues regarding the receipt of your cancellation. Our email goes directly to the shop  as well as to multiple mobile devices.
  • If a rider must cancel a track day, and provides sufficient notice, Champion Cycle Inc. will guarantee the rider a 100% credit equal to the amount paid for the event, applicable toward any future Champion Cycle Inc. track day occurring within 12 months of the date the cancellation is processed.
  • Cancellations received less than 10 business days prior to the track day are contingent upon the rider’s spot being replaced by Champion Cycle Inc.Your assigned riding group must be at capacity in order for this to apply. If your spot is replaced, you will receive a 50% credit toward another event occurring within 4 months. Champion Cycle Inc. must be contacted in writing.
  • Riders other than the person registered will not be accepted and you will not be credited. ie. no one is permitted to replace your spot.
  • Cancellation requests received less than 48 hours prior to the track day are not eligible for any credit, and will result in forfeit of payment. In other words: don't try cancelling because there's more clouds than you'd like to see, as Champion Cycle Inc. has already paid for the day as well.
  • Champion Cycle Inc. reserves the right to issue credits solely at its staffs discretion.
  • Under no circumstances will any cash refunds be handed out.


There is no weather restraints at a Champion Cycle track day. There will be no credits and/or returns due to the weather. Champion Cycle Inc. operates track days rain or shine. If it rains break out your rain tires and continue enjoying your track day. If you do not like to ride in the rain that is chosen at your discretion. Common sense applies here as-well. If we're at the track it's because the day is booked and no one is to blame for the weather. Champion Cycle allows registration at the track as well (if space is available). Therefor if you're a "weather watcher" wait and sign up on the day at the track (fees apply).