When it comes to tuning motorcycles we are the very best!, period.

We can make this statement with confidence due to our unrivaled tuning experience & accolades. Of course having the absolute most advanced equipment in Ontario doesn’t hurt. This paired with our un-paralleled technician certifications and training solidifies our place ahead of the competition.

We are outfitted with the most advanced dynamometer on the market today. Our Dynojet model 250i Dyno is equipped with the all the necessary upgrades to ensure each motorcycle gets fine-tuned beyond perfection.

Utilizing the following advanced technologies………..

- An Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit which allows load testing to be done by close-looping on rpm, speed or percentage of load.

- An on board Dual AFR Monitor which measures real-time air/fuel ratios with its integrated high-flow “pump” inside.

- The H-D Fuel Tap is a system for fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycles designed to measure and synchronize fuel pressure readings with other data while conducting dyno tests. Utilizing a precision 0-100 psi pressure transducer to retrieve the most accurate results, ensuring the fuel system is performing as designed.

- A Torque Cell Module which measures real-time torque, and allows sweep, step and custom load simulation tests.

- The Dual Cooling Fan System Integrated cooling fans with adjustable arms can produce 1,800 CFM per fan, Ensuring your Engine never exceeds the perfect operating temperature.

- The IR-Temperature Sensor uses a 10-500F sensor to ensure nothing less than perfection.

- Our Dyno is 100% accurate up to 750hp and 200mph.

- With its adjustable table we can accommodate any wheelbase all the way up to 102” (measured from rear axle to front tire).

Granted, there are numerous motorcycle shops you could consult for tuning, there are a large number of differences between facilities. It is your responsibility to find the perfect place to have your pride and joy tuned. As you begin comparing factors in order to make this important decision you must ask yourself; Do I want my motorcycle tuned on a dyno manufactured specifically for a car? Do I want my motorcycle tuned on an old, outdated, inaccurate and obsolete model dynamometer? Do I want my motorcycle tuned on a dyno manufactured by a new company? What accomplishments does my potential tuning technician hold? What are my potential tuners certifications? How can I ensure I will receive the absolute best tuning experience?

We can tune from 1 to 6 cylinder motorcycles, any and all engine sizes/types. From stock to high performance engines, on-road to off-road, 2 stroke to 4 stroke, sport to touring, we’ve got you covered. Turbo? Supercharger? Nitrous? Not a problem. Fuel injected or carbureted we Are beyond well equipped to get your motorcycle tuned to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a mild street tune for everyday riding purposes or to squeeze every last horse power and foot pound of torque out of your machine. We can guarantee you the absolute best tune you could ever want. This is how we can ensure your motorcycle wins all the races it deserves and lasts as long as it should. Give us a call today and speak with one of our highly trained tuning technicians to find out how we can help you reach your goals.