At Champion Cycle we are equipped with the right machinery and tools to take care of your sport bike. Our highly trained technicians are beyond familiar with sport bikes and race bikes alike. From everyday simple oil changes to full on engine swaps. Simple diagnosing or custom part installation we are here to ensure every job gets done right, the first time!

If your passion lies within the confines of a race track, we understand you. In fact we speak your language! We sponsor a dozen local racers and track day riders each year. From the top CSBK level to some of the GTA’s fastest up and comers. We ourselves participate in tons of track day events each year. That is what sets us apart from your average simple repair shop. From full on track bike builds, performance suspension fine tuning to simple tire swaps and circuit bike maintenance. When you’re looking to scrape a knee we’re the guys that help you ensure you’ll be care free.

Circuit racing and turning not your thing? Are you the guy that needs that massive rush of adrenaline that only Drag Racing can provide? Not to worry we’ve got your back. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re stuck at that number you just can’t break, We have got all the answers and helpful advice you could ever need. We held records in the Canadian Drag Racing industry for years. This coupled with our mountain of accolades and trophies both within Canada and abroad clearly set us apart. When it comes to drag racing where every tenth of a tenth of a second matters, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! Unlike the competition we pride ourselves in being extremely friendly and helpful whenever we can.

Of course being Ontario’s most awarded motorcycle performance and customization shop has its downsides. We’re constantly on the radar of the competition. Unfortunately for them our constant victories from the race track to the bike show constantly bolster our position at the top of the podium.

Feel free to contact us today to find out how our knowledge and passion can benefit you.

  • How a V-TWIN engine is assembled. In this video you will be able to get a rough idea of how a v-twin engine comes together. This video is meant for demonstration purposes.


  • How a FLAT TWIN engine is assembled. In this video you will get a rough idea how a flat twin engine comes together. This video is meant for demonstration purposes.


  • How an INTERNAL COMBUSTION engine works. This video is meant for demonstration purposes. Different engines vary.