Are you looking to build something completely out of the ordinary? Regardless of the vision you have, no matter how impossible you may think your idea is. We can help. Custom trikes to fat tire bikes, we’ll work with your every idea and help bring your vision to reality. We’ve got the expertise and experience to build your dream machine. If you’re contemplating putting together a little custom scooter or some other type of mini motorcycle madness, we’ve got we’ve got you covered there as well. We’ve built dozens of Ruckus’s and scooters alike. A simple pit bike or fully decked out custom part fitted dream machine. We understand the feeling of wanting to bring your idea to life.

The toughest decision lies with you “the motorcycle owner”, You have to decide who is going to assist in bringing your dream to reality. Do your homework on the various shops, then make an educated decision. If you are a car guy who is about to take that small step into the motorcycle world and your thinking of putting together a cool custom Ruckus, Grom or any type of scooter, we are the people you need to know! Once you’ve done your research give us a call. Our highly qualified, licensed and certified motorcycle technicians are the obvious choice.

At Champion Cycle we pride ourselves in our ability to over-come any obstacle. Our award winning track record and countless positive reviews speak for itself. When it comes to custom you will feel confident knowing you will be in the hands of the true professionals. When other “custom” shops need help and advice we are the guys they call. When it comes to custom we have done everything from putting motorcycle engines and electronics into cars to building motorcycles from scratch.

Give us a call today and allow us to help you make your dream a reality.

  • How a V-TWIN engine is assembled. In this video you will be able to get a rough idea of how a v-twin engine comes together. This video is meant for demonstration purposes.


  • How a FLAT TWIN engine is assembled. In this video you will get a rough idea how a flat twin engine comes together. This video is meant for demonstration purposes.


  • How an INTERNAL COMBUSTION engine works. This video is meant for demonstration purposes. Different engines vary.