We offer complete engine rebuilding services. From high performance race engines to stock factory specification engines. Whether you are looking to have your stock engine rebuilt or a high performance big bore fire breathing monster. If you’re looking to squeeze all the power you can out of your circuit lap runner or just some minor head work. We’ve got you covered. 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke, V-Twin, 48cc to 2,500cc. We have all of the state of the art equipment required to get your engine purring again.

Our Engine specialized technicians are constantly upgrading their knowledge with precision training and factory certifications. That is how we always stay one step ahead of the competition. Rebuilding an internal combustion engine requires countless hours of training and practice to perfect, Having the most advanced technology and trained technicians handling your engine is the only choice!


Our Engine building reputation and accomplishments are second to none. We have built hundreds of engines ranging from everyday street bikes to high performance competition machines. Motorcycles equipped with our precision built engines have won countless trophies and competitions globally. Our record setting engines have achieved and smashed records in the drag racing industry and on the circuit track. From Gigantic high Horsepower nitrous huffing drag bikes, 500 + Horsepower forced induction record setters to multi-thousand lap circuit record breakers. We have the knowledge and reputation to ensure that you are beyond happy with the performance and reliability of your Champion built engine. If you’re just looking to ensure your motorcycle will out -last your riding career we can happily build you a factory specification engine that will easily quench your thirst. Book your free consultation today.

  • How a V-TWIN engine is assembled. In this video you will be able to get a rough idea of how a v-twin engine comes together. This video is meant for demonstration purposes.


  • How a FLAT TWIN engine is assembled. In this video you will get a rough idea how a flat twin engine comes together. This video is meant for demonstration purposes.


  • How an INTERNAL COMBUSTION engine works. This video is meant for demonstration purposes. Different engines vary.